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Introducing TypeTrax

Include Fonts in Your InDesign Project Workflows

TypeTrax™ manages Adobe InDesign CS4 project workflows and associated fonts with Cumulus 8, Canto’s industry-leading digital asset manager. Just drag an InDesign project folder into Cumulus and TypeTrax automatically imports all the fonts and files required by the project into the asset manager.

Fully Integrated Project, Asset and Font Management Solution

Once your InDesign files and their resources are cataloged, you and your associates can:


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TypeTrax System Requirements

TypeTrax runs in the Canto Cumulus client-server asset-management environment. To use TypeTrax, you must have a server running Canto Cumulus 8.0 or 8.1. TypeTrax client installations require:

Every TypeTrax client includes a license for FontAgent® Pro 4 for Mac OS X, Insider’s industry-leading font manager.

How to Get TypeTrax

TypeTrax is available for purchase from Insider and Moksa, as well as from Canto and selected Canto resellers worldwide. A TypeTrax server license has a suggested retail price of USD $1,995 and includes three user licenses. Additional user licenses cost $195 each.

TypeTrax claimed Best of Show honors at Macworld Expo for its ability to manage all digital assets, including fonts, images, licensing and usage information for InDesign projects.

For More Information

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All other customers
Contact Moksa at www.moksa.com or +1-203.533.5020

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